Your project is out of control. We can help.


Every single project lives on its own independent, SSD virtual machine - you alone decide who has control and access to your project. Your site is live within 2 minutes and your data is automatically backed-up weekly.

Project over? Crush the server data immediately and destroy any data you want.


Your project will be provisioned inside a sophisticated system that allows you to track everything you need to know: who modified what, when they did it, what changed - and more importantly: what you can do it control it.

All without getting in the way of your project. How can we do this? Take a look at the demo for more details


Your team will instantly have access to the latest copies of data, whether you are on a Mac, Windows, Android, or Linux. Your secure data will be stored using the same system that hundreds of thousands of IT professionals trust every day.

You control what you copy, what you create, what you control and what you just share.


We aren't just offering you technology - you get the support of the company: think of us as a cross between your IT and marketing department. Head over to our support portal to see FAQs and view our knowledgebase.

Registered users have direct access to our support engineers to help smooth out any project concerns.

Show Me, Don't Tell Me

Projects can be hard - but we don't have to be

See how anyone can add content that helps the project, track how deliverables and data move, and help you decide how to manage your data.

See the Demo

Do you have a project that would benefit from more:

  • Security
  • Documentation
  • Communciation
  • Support

  • Register and create your own project space: invite as many people as you'd like.
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    What do you have to lose?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We're a small team - is this still useful?

    Absolutely. Being a small team (or project) doesn't mean your problems are any less important. We've structured our service to handle every project size. Have a look at our pricing to see how we can help.

    I'm busy - am I signing up for more time I don't have?

    Great question - you must be practical, like we are. We built and stand behind a product that is designed to help you get your job done. We know that means more than rock-solid infrastructure. That means knowing that you can pick up the phone (or email) and talk to someone that has been where you are.

    What about DropBox or similar?

    DropBox and other file sharing sites are great for swapping a file here or there. We offer a supported, secure, version-controlled system that was specifically built to control the data of your projects. Plus you can customize the look and feel of our site for every project.

    Am I locked into something long term?

    Not at all - we are built based on projects: as soon your project is over you can stop your service here. You won't be billed until your next project starts up again. That seems fair to us - we think you'll find that our approach is practical and up-front.